Raven Talon Pendant

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This raven talon pendant is bold and impossible to ignore. Created for those with a taste for badass talon jewelry. You’ll feel the fierce power of this talisman flow through your body as you place it around your neck.

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Raven / Dragon jewelry for men or women

If you want to add some magical elegance to your day, then you’re looking in the right place.

Possess the undeniable strength and mystifying power of a raven with our talon pendant. Regret won’t even peek into your mind once you purchase our product and that’s a promise. How can you be sure, one may ask? Our talon jewelry is made of solid 925 sterling silver and polished by hand which makes it exquisite and rare.

Here’s a list of why sterling silver is of good quality:

    • Makes durable jewelry and versatile jewelry
    • It’s trendy and non-reactive
    • You have endless choices and possibilities to choose
    • Easy to maintain
    • Contributes to blood circulation of the body
    • Boosts energy levels, sense of balance and emotional behavior

Cool, right? Well, there’s more… Our raven talon pendant necklace has an antique finish that highlights its details, making it bolder and edgier. The back claw, which is the largest and most impressive claw of a raven, is the one represented in this pendant.

The fascinating special features and measurements are as follows:

    • Claw length is 36.5mm (1.44 inches)
    • Can be purchased with a chain or pendant only
    • Adjustable chain for different neckline sizes
    • Can be easily worn by men and women
    • No animal was hurt in the production of the necklace
    • Meticulously carved with realistic details
    • Can also be a representation of a crow, phoenix, or dragon’s claw
    • Pendant is three dimensional and can be worn front or back

Don’t be scared. Let loose and embrace the fearless spirit hiding inside of you by owning our talisman necklace.

Be different! Be fierce! Be a badass!

Layer with a Raven Skull Necklace or complete the look with Raven Claw Half Hoop Earrings or Talon Earrings.

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Exquisitely detailed, expertly crafted jewelry.

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1 review for Raven Talon Pendant

    Customer wearing raven talon pendant and talon earring
    November 14, 2021
    Solid and stunning! Very detailed and excellent quality. It is a perfect match for the claw earrings. I love it! I purchased the chain to go with it. I appreciate that the chain length is adjustable as I like to layer necklaces. Beautiful. Thank you!
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