Shiny Silver Raven Skull Necklace – Large


Edgy, eye-catching, and empowering, this shiny silver raven skull pendant gives a sense of rebellious energy to any outfit. Make a statement and stand apart from mainstream fashion trends with this meaningful talisman necklace.

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Raven Skull Pendant - Shiny Silver

You can enhance your looks with the right necklace, and this sterling silver raven skull pendant will do just that.

This pendant is shaped like the skull of a raven. It is 43mm in length, which is smaller than a real raven skull, but large enough to really stand out. What’s great about this raven skull pendant is that it’s made to be as realistic as possible. This is done by using photographic references when sculpting the pendant. It’s cast in 925 sterling silver and polished to a high shine.

Created for raven or crow lovers, fans of epic fantasy, Norse culture and Viking jewelry or the Celtic goddess Morrigan. This raven necklace is the ultimate gothic fashion accessory to showcase your rebellious and independent spirit. At almost 2 inches long it makes an impressive statement necklace for a man or woman.

    • Skull length: 43mm (1.7 inches)
    • Material: Shiny 925 sterling silver
    • Polished by hand to make each piece unique.
    • Weight: Approximately 19 grams without the chain.
    • Waxed Cotton Cord: 36″ adjustable to suit different necklines.
    • Cruelty-free: Completely sculpted from photographic references of raven skulls.
    • Realistic and three dimensional, this skull has incredible detail at every angle.

Also available in antique sterling silver:

Raven Symbolism

Characterized by their distinctive black shape, haunting cry, and extraordinary intelligence, ravens are infamous worldwide. They have been immortalized in literature, most famously as the iconic figure in Edgar Allan Poe’s gothic poem.

In mythology, the raven was a cherished animal familiar of the Norse god Odin, the protectors of England, and a form of the shape-shifting Celtic Goddess Morrigan. Raven is the creator of the world in various Native American stories. In Japan, China and Korea they are associated with fate, prophecy and the sun.

Ravens are a symbol of magic, death and transformation, protection, wisdom, intuition and prophecy. With an aptitude for mimicry and the ability to speak, they’re often regarded as a divine messenger revealing deep secrets and knowledge.

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